16 4 / 2014

"You make your own happiness. Everyone in this world makes their own happiness… now it’s up to you. No one can do it for you."

Amanda Carpenter via The Gift of Happiness

14 4 / 2014

"Life will always have its ups and downs, but it is what we make of them that is so important."

Annette Broadrick via Unheavenly Angel

04 11 / 2013

"Happiness is a commodity which comes with the contentment of the soul, and to achieve that contentment, one must be true not only to oneself, but also to others…"

Yvonne Whittal via There is No Tomorrow

24 10 / 2013

100 posts finally! Haha… Didn’t know that there’s such a thing to motivate bloggers. Well, to more sharing then. Cheers!!!

100 posts finally! Haha… Didn’t know that there’s such a thing to motivate bloggers. Well, to more sharing then. Cheers!!!

24 10 / 2013

OMG! I’m freaking out right now… Why, oh why? Why didn’t I check on my transportation logistics from point A to point B, instead of happily booking (and placed FULL 200% concentration) on my accommodation?

Er, well… To be fair, the place where I’m sleeping and resting is important to me; I don’t want to end up sleeping in a place that I’m uncomfortable in, especially in a strange place. Communal accommodation, though important due to my budget constraint, I need the illusion that I’ve plenty of personal space too, which, let’s face it, is hard when I’m on a budget. Still…

No doubt that Japan’s transport network system is top notch, though complex, in the world, even against Singapore (and I’m pretty proud of Singapore’s), but it’s freaking EXPENSIVE! Nonetheless, despite my apprehensiveness, I can’t wait for my trip to come soon enough. I hope I can find my way around without spending a bomb on the transportation. As it is, I’m already feeling the pinch of it, based on my earlier findings. Glurp…


Photos source (in chronological sequence from start to end): Tokyo DisneySea, japan-guide.com, Japan Ski Experience, japan-guide.com, Never Ending Journey, Visit Hiroshima and The Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum.

Can you guess which areas I’ll be covering for my upcoming trip based on the photo montage above? :)

Have you been to any country where you are ‘threatened’ by its transport system? What happened? Did you learn any lesson from the incident?

18 10 / 2013

Guess what? Nat finally received my mail to her after ttthhrreeeee long months yesterday, in addition from her August SMC partner as well. 3 long months to receive my snail mail to her is certainly no joke. I guess Mr Postman really take his job seriously and was finally assured that I meant no harm to Nat. He finally decided to make Nat’s day. I’m seriously glad for Nat. To be honest, I was pretty upset initially when Nat didn’t receive her mail. I was ranting like a mad woman about the unreliable postal services. Of course, I’m back to my normal sweet self now that she received it finally. Well, better late than never.

So, did you receive anything in the mail today? :)

17 10 / 2013

It has been a few weeks since my last (serious and personal) post – my previous post sharing a quote certainly doesn’t count. A lot of things happened and eventually, I just procrastinated as per norm. Urgh!!! It certainly didn’t help too that so many thoughts were running amok happily, at least in my opinion, in my ahem… over-active mind. Ah well… Anyway, I digressed.

You know… Very often, when I catch-up with my friends over meals or drinks, they always lament that I can never complete my sentence (I’m actually rather infamous, though not proud, for it). They feel much shortchanged (haha…) that I didn’t complete my sentence there and then. There’s always something new that I MUST share, comment or ahem… bitching (what? – don’t judge me because I’m pretty sure that you are guilty of this habit as well, even if you are a guy). In fact, I have this particular friend, SS, who always commented that my ‘commercial breaks’ are too long and frequent for comfort. Hehe… Get the pun? Again, I digressed.

Ok, ok… let’s come back to the point. Since like forever, I have ‘insomnia’ and I have difficulty sleeping at night. On some days, I could perhaps sleep as early as 9pm, then to only be awakened at 1am. I would stay awake till it’s time for me to shower and prepare for work. On other days, I could be catching ‘sleeping winks’ every 20-30 minutes. I called it as such because I would be sleeping for about the said time, then to only stay awake also for the said time, and this would continue throughout the night till it’s time for me to be up. For both sleeping patterns, it sounded rather tiring on the body. However, ironically, the lack of sleep hardly disrupts my daily activities – I look fresh, though the panda eyes don’t lie. Urgh!

In the past, I would use the time ‘earned’ to catch up with my work – it certainly helped when I was in events communicating with international delegates and vendors, due to the time difference. However, as I’m currently a professional bum, what else could I do except to read all night long? I know, I know… I should have taken that time earned to update my blog, but ah well… there’s always later. Hehe…

Just earlier this morning, the former insomnia struck! I’ve been up since 1am and caught up with my reading (thank Him for my iPad). I read 2 novels before my eyelids started to droop. Now, let me clarify that I was indulging in some romance (I’m referring to novels – what were you thinking of?), nothing even vaguely close to superhero stuffs. The moment my eyes closed, wham… bam… (er, maybe it’s not the right expression to use, but it’s the only appropriate expression that I could think of at present, which translated accurately the speed from being awake to unconscious instantaneously), I was transported to my lala land where I was this mere girl with superhero flying powers.

Oh yeah, I was transformed to this cool, albeit nerdy, ordinary girl who could fly at her whims. Nay, I wasn’t out saving the world (though, yes, I support world peace!!!). There was no story line, except for my superior ability to fly – and no, for the record, my thong wasn’t worn outside, visible for anyone to see.

And… the next moment, I was jolted back to wakefulness. For a mere 20 minutes, I lived the life of my childhood superhero – SUPERMAN! I guess it was a sign for me that I shouldn’t have ditched my Superman for Captain America nor Iron Man. Em, so, when’s the new Superman movie coming out? 

Source: Superman via Comic Book Movie

Do you have a superhero that you dig a lot? Who is it? If there are real superheroes around, do you think they can do a better job of ‘I want world peace’, compared to the beauty queens? :)

14 10 / 2013

"…if you love someone you have to let them go, so they can come back to you. That way you know they’re yours. For ever…"

Trish Wylie via Her Bedroom Surrender

18 9 / 2013

Oh yeah, we are definitely going for the F1 race right here in Singapore this very weekend. :) Best, we are going for the actual race itself and I simply can’t wait! 

When Singapore was successfully awarded as the host venue for the inaugural F1 night race AND the first street circuit in Asia, many were perhaps skeptical on Singapore’s capability then. After all, Singapore is just a little red dot on the world map. Alas… We proved them wrong. 

I was in a MICE company then, and I remembered attempting to sell the F1 tickets to my prospective clients. It wasn’t easy - it was damn tough! Clients had unrealistic expectations - they wanted affordable accommodation with fantastic, clear views of the race, but unwilling to pay the price. It was real challenging, but an experience nonetheless. 

I swore then that I would go to the race for myself - the ‘zooming’ sounds were exhilarating -, but hehe… it never materialised. Er, under my financial priority, watching the F1 race was still at the bottom rung of the ladder.

Fast forward to today, hey, I’m making my way to the race like real soon - IT’S THIS WEEKEND AND IT’S ALREADY MIDWEEK NOW! For the next few days, while I’m busy ahem… slogging at work, the sounds of the racing cars will be music to my ears - yeah, my office is that close to the race track. 

I bet that I’m gonna love every moments of this weekend. 

How about you? What are your plans for this weekend? 

12 9 / 2013

Ok, ok… This post is indeed long overdue, my bad. I really need to sort all my stuffs together and of course, gather my scrambling but overactive thoughts. I have this annoying habit (fortunately, it’s not often – hehe…) of wanting to blog on a specific topic, but I would ended up drafting the post half-way then get started on an entirely different post altogether. The best part is… Sometimes, I don’t even continue nor post the posts. Annoying habit I have there which I’m trying to curb somehow. Anyway, obviously, I digressed yet again…

As you can see from the photo, yes, I have received my mail from Kattrina. Yippee!!! In fact, I received hers right on that very day that I blogged about my parcel to her. It was a coincidence, but a pleasant one, of course.

Kattrina is a self-claimed military brat who has been travelling to all those gorgeous places that I could only dream about – she has been to Japan! (You can certainly hear me gushing or groaning away at this junction!) Growing up, she was already an international traveler while I would consider myself lucky, if I got to travel to our neighboring country, Malaysia. I can certainly forget about the rest of the Asian countries. I’m so envious of her. Did I also mention that we have something in common? Both of us love ORANGE!!! How amazing is that, especially since orange is not exactly a common color that people may fall in love with? It’s simply amazing and pure coincidence that both of us are paired together…


According to Kattrina, Maryland is famous for its crabs, thus, in line with the theme for August which is ‘Under the Sea’, Kattrina has painstakingly put together some of the ingredients for the Poor Man’s Crab Cakes recipe. She included the mixture, seasoning and even the very solid crab mallet (which actually weighed a ton – her postage is definitely expensive!). Look at the design on the mallet. Isn’t it gorgeous? I don’t think I would actually use it. I’m going to give it an honorable spot among my treasured display collection stuffs.

On that very night, I finished the whole packet (plus the crumbs) of the popcorn chips – luckily, it’s a healthy snack, since it was in the middle of the night. I’m going to give the recipe a try, perhaps this weekend (crossing my fingers) – it actually looks very simple based on Kattrina’s step-by-step guide. I will post on the outcome later, ahem… provided it looks good. Haha…

If you were to receive a recipe from someone, what kind of recipe would you want to receive? Hit me with the most mouth-watering recipe that you can think of and in return, I will share with you a simple recipe of non-baked fruit cocktail cheese cake that anyone, and I really mean ANYONE, can do. :)

11 9 / 2013

During the weekend, Atan and myself joined his school outing to the farms located at the extreme west (I think) side of Singapore. It was simply amazing and indeed hard to believe that there are existing farms - fish, vegetables, certain poultry animals - right in the ‘concrete jungle’ of Singapore. Prior to the visit, honestly, I have been to some of the farms, but I didn’t get such a knowledgeable and candid tour guide, Uncle William who is a very passionate individual on farming, that we can’t helped but mesmerized and impressed by his generous knowledge.

In fact, these farms are either private or government owned farms. Naturally, (I think) the government owned ones shouldn’t be addressed as farms; they don’t seemed to fit the word ‘farm’ at all. They appeared too clinical and best fit as ‘concrete farms’ to a T.

This is my most favourite photo during the visit. See how gentle Atan’s hands cuddling the baby quail? Even the baby quail knew that Atan would not harm it, hence, the deep trust enough for it to catch a few winks. :)

Who said that Singapore is a boring place and good only for shopping? Obviously, they have never ventured beyond Orchard area. I’m pretty sure that even local Singaporeans might not know of their existences.

If you are a city kid, have you ever been to a farm before? Which farm would you really wanna visit?

09 9 / 2013

Yyyeeesss!!! Kattrina received the parcel, yippee!!! There’s hope certainly… All those crossing of fingers and toes helped (I think). Hehe…


So, how about you? Did you receive anything in the mail recently? Bills and junks don’t count though. :)

05 9 / 2013

It’s slightly over two months before my long awaited trip to Japan and I simply can’t wait! The months are passing too slowly for my liking. Why, oh why?? Ok, ok… I know… I’m getting a bit too melodramatic for comfort. But hey, I have been looking forward to this long awaited trip like ages (more like centuries back – haha).

I have finally booked my accommodation, with the exception for the Tokyo sector, via Agoda. I shall do that soon enough. Hehe…

Japan, as we know, is a very expensive country to visit and it certainly doesn’t help that its JPY is stronger against SGD. So, being a (ahem…) conscientious planner, I planned my budget of SGD 50.00 per night for my accommodation. Since it’s a 2-week trip (my longest ever actually), I must control my expenses, where possible, so that I can live the moments when I’m there (again, I can’t wait!).

As I checked on my past hotel bookings based on solo trips (I tried only once staying in a hostel – that’s a separate story altogether), my accommodation norm nightly rate is at least SGD 100.00. However, this time round, I’m slicing my budget to half only. I thought I might experience some difficulties, but I’m pleasantly surprised. There are actually a number of affordable accommodations, be it dorms or privates in hostels in Japan, but the main life saver is actually Agoda.

Let me share with you why…

I usually book my accommodation via Agoda. To be fair, I have tried other booking agents, but I honestly think that Agoda is still my best bet for cost-savings. These are some of the attractive points to note:

  • Despite receiving their insider and half price deals via newsletters like for ages, I didn’t notice (urgh!) that subscribers enjoy special deals on selected accommodation regardless whether you dig at five stars, mediocre or even budget hotels to guest houses to hostels. The prices on their websites for non-subscribers are quite competitive. So, just imagine, if you sign up as subscribers, you get to enjoy even more competitive rates. I noticed this only when I started checking for my Japan trip. Just imagine the amount of money that I could have saved from my earlier trips. :(

Screenshots of Agoda’s newsletter - Insider Deals (Wednesdays) vs Half Price Deals (Fridays)

  • Be rewarded by their Reward Points when you booked via Agoda. When you have earned sufficient points for redemption, you can redeem the points to be offset for your next booking. Em, isn’t it cost-savings and easy on your wallet too?
  • Ok, you have successfully booked your accommodation, and then you came across another website offering the same hotel and room type on the exact same dates, what happened now? Despair not! Agoda stands firm by it’s Best Price Guarantee (I can attest for it because it happened to me before). Simply provide them with the details and they will refund you the difference upon confirmation.

To be an Agoda member, you don’t need to pay for any subscription fees. You can sign up whenever you want to do so. Of course, I would recommend that you subscribe prior to your booking so that you can enjoy the insider deals, where applicable.

So, where is your next destination? :)

05 9 / 2013

"Because you travel for you and I travel for me."

Nomadic Matt via I Do This For Me

02 9 / 2013

Yes, it’s ‘Back to School’ theme and of course, I’m so going to be a part of it. I’m referring to none other than the monthly Snail Mail Collective. As I was sharing with Liz earlier, this theme is the easiest because it’s not limited - there’s a wide range of fantastic ideas and I have already thought of a few and lots more are (impatiently) bursting out. Hehe… I can’t wait to know who will I be paired up with next. 


Source: Chapteh via New Nation


Source: Five stones via Ahmad Zainuri


Source: Old Maid via The World of Playing Cards


Source: Zero point via I feel like drawing


Source: Magnetic pencil box via ToyToy.com

So, what are the things - stationery, games etc. - that come to your mind when you think about your schooling days?